The Defender:BatteryPackRebuild Project

8/5/07 - Fear and Loathing

I was getting pretty pissed off at every time I turned on my Defender, it would always boot to bookkeeping and would have to open the coin door and reset to game over. After a little bit of reading, I found that this condition occurs when the batteries have gone bad. No problem... piece of cake. I opened up the service door in back and pulled the mother board and gapped at what I saw:

Yikes... no good. I was gonna' have to trash that. No saving that pack assembly. I pulled it off and thought about a replacement. I remember that on my Joust there's a plastic battery pack enclosure that's been dangling by the connection wires, (which I evenually need to fix/mount properly). Anyway, I thought I'd do the same here. I ran to the store and picked up a few things to produce this:

Very nice! This might actually work... I mounted it on the board:

Fits perfectly on the board and not too unpleasant on the eyes. I trimmed the wires so it wouldn't dangle but isn't connected to the board in case the batteries leak again. I finished it up and surveyed my work.

Not too friggin' shabby. I put it back in the machine but didn't check the connectivity on the actual battery mounts, (you'd think they'd be connected... duh!) Anyway, I pulled it out and soldered the connections, popped it back in and works like a friggin' charm now. ;) I'm a happy man. Not a bad days work!

8/12/07 - Lithium Battery Replacement

I replaced my cock-eyed 'garage door opener' battery pack with Bob Roberts' lithium battery pack assembly. I also scrubbed the board area down good with vinegar to get rid of any residual alkaline.